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Our Installation Service...

Almost every kitchen we sell - we install... 

As experienced project managers in this field, we can take most the hassle out of the project for you by arranging everything needed. We'll arrange for the following as part of a full project management package so you're not left wondering "where or who do i use for job X..?" 

  • Full site assessment

  • Kitchen design & 3d CAD planning

  • Kitchen & all components supply

  • Scheduled deliveries

  • Room preparation (rip-out)

  • Waste disposal

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Plastering

  • Flooring

  • Decorating

  • Full installation of all units, worktops, appliances and accessories

Having everything managed in one place ensures complete project coordination and minimal delays due to miscommunication!!

We've even gone off-piste a few times and had bespoke items made/installed as part of the projects...

Glass Ceiling

How to let more light into a basement kitchen...? We put this custom glass ceiling/floor in to solve that exact problem...

Feature Walls

Feature walls and chimney breasts seem to be a common request in our kitchens. Bricks, timber or anything else you see on pintrest will always be considered for one of our designs...

Bespoke Worktops

Seamless stainless steel worktops - that's what our customer wanted - so that's what they got!!!

#Installed, welded, ground and polished on-site...